About Us

The Idea


LeanPages came to life when Joel Bondorowsky expressed frustration to Nir Cohen, a longtime friend, and colleague.

Joel was frustrated by how many sales funnels fall short or fail all together.

This failure wasn’t due to unprofessional marketing,
or a bad product, but something lacking in technology.


“One failure in technology can take down the best online offer with the best marketing”


Joel is a performance online marketer who, during the last 11 years, managed over $1 billion in ad spend with his two boutique online marketing agencies as well as an employee for both SimilarWeb.com and Wix.com. Joel is also sharing his experience and knowledge through SEMrush as their PPC Academy Professor.

Your traffic should lead to a sales funnel that is guarnateed to load fast anywhere in the world, have conversion tracking and billing integrations always work, and absolutely never go down.

Marketers who use LeanPages are marketers who sleep better.

While Joel was frustrated by tech, Nir was determined to build new tech.


Nir isn’t a typical developer. He is one of few that truly understands the technical needs of online marketing.

In 2009, Nir co-founded SimilarWeb. Acting as CTO, he turned SimilarWeb into one of the largest, most sophisticated ad tech tools built. Since then, he served as tech

Nir’s ears perked up when he heard Joel express his frustration. Not only did he completely understand Joel’s pain, he knew that he could solve it.

Both knew that with Joel’s strong marketing background, and Nir’s technical ability with his understanding of marketing would make the two ideal partners.

Together they founded LeanPages.io


LeanPages Closed Beta

After 5 months of intense research, development and testing, LeanPages launched their closed beta. Applicants that are selected for this closed beta will help LeanPages better refine its user experience and product roadmap.

LeanPages will help beta users every step of the way to launch their e-commerce site with 60 days of free service and support.


If you demand this flexiblity and power, LeanPages will give your funnel an edge above the competition.

If you’re interested in becoming one of our beta testers,
click on the link below.